Les Jacobs Ford Partners with Central Crossing Senior Center 

Les Jacobs Ford has been a proud Business Sponsor of the Central Crossing Senior Center in Shell Knob and is continuing their support again this year. 
Business Sponsors provide ongoing support to help our center provide programs and services to our local seniors. We are grateful to Les Jacobs Ford and all our Business Sponsors for their valuable partnerships. 
Caption: Darrin Jacobs, Les Jacobs Ford, Regina McIlrath and Jerry Arnold, Central Crossing Senior Center.

Central Crossing Senior Center – Halloween Contest

They say Halloween is for the young.  Well young-at-heart counts too!  Central Crossing Senior Center hosted a Halloween party on the 31st, complete with everything you’d expect, including too much candy, lots of good food, music and costumes!
Scary, Not-so-scary and Humorous costumed characters could be found throughout the Center.  After “gulp”ing down the meal, it was time to meet the “gulp”… cast of costumed characters.
Shown left, left to right: Karen Stanley (4th Place), Nelda Kirby (3rd Place), Arlene Sloop (2nd Place), Jerry Shelton (aka Carlos Santana, 1st Place), and last but not least, Terri Johnson as CCSC Administrator.

Senior Center Hosts Annual Health Fair with Mercy

The annual Health Fair was held Tuesday, October 15 from 7 am to 10 am. 15 vendors were in attendance with a wide range of products and services.

Mercy partnered with the Center again this year offering reduced-prices on lab work and EKG’s. They also provided on-site tests for balance and strength, as well as outpatient services.


Shell Knob Seniors Inc. Receives Walmart Grant

Shell Knob Seniors Inc., the operating corporation of the Central Crossing Senior Center, has been awarded a grant from the Walmart Community Grants Team of the Cassville Missouri store. The grant will be used for the centers salad bar to increase the nutritional options for our seniors. SKSI is grateful to the grant team for this opportunity.

Photo Caption: Receiving the Walmart grant is l. to r., representing SKSI is Regina McIlrath, board member, Jade Covey, Walmart Store Manager and Jerry Arnold, SKSI CEO.

– Medicare Annual Enrollment –

Free, Unbiased Counseling Offered at Central Crossing Senior Center

As has been done yearly since 2008, Central Crossing Senior Center is offering FREE Medicare Counseling to area seniors.   This year, the Medicare Enrollment 2020, also known as Medicare OEP 2020 is from October 15th through December 7th. During this time, individuals who qualify for Medicare can renew or change their Medicare policies, make changes to their Medicare Part “D” and may change from Advantage Plans to Medicare or Medicare to Advantage Plans.   

It is wise to have your plans reviewed annually, because your plan could change next year or another plan may change which will save you money.  Conversely, not changing your plan could end up costing you plenty. For example, do you know if your current Part “D” provider has changed its drug costs – its premiums or its deductibles?  Medicare Part “D” has numerous changes that you may not be aware of. Additionally, there is much to learn regarding the differences between Medicare and the various Advantage Plans available for next year.   

All counselors at Central Crossing Senior Center are trained “Centers for Medicare Services” (CMS) Volunteers.  They are not paid and offer their services are totally unbiased. Their motivation is only to assist area seniors in choosing the best health plan available.  Since the inception of this service, our participating area seniors have saved over a HALF MILLION DOLLARS ($503,728)!   These seniors will unanimously agree that it is important to have an independent unbiased review of your Medicare options!   

Using this service is free and easy – Call (417) 858-3456 to make your appointment.  You will be told what information to bring to the counseling session. But there are only so many volunteer counselors and limited time.  Central Crossing Senior Center urges you to set you appointment without delay. Taking action on this FREE service now may save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in your Medical expenses in 2020!

Plaza Pharmacy Sponsors Free Lunch and Flu Shots at Central Crossing Senior Center

Mr. Hoang Le and the entire staff of Plaza Pharmacy has the gratitude of Central Crossing Senior Center as well as those who lined up for the  sponsored lunch and free flu shots administered on Thursday, September 12th at the Center.    In total, 56 individuals opted for the free flu shots and 114 enjoyed the complementary lunch featuring oven-fried chicken with “all the fixins”.  

This is the second year in a row the Pharmacy has sponsored the free lunch and flu shots.  Mr. Le was very pleased with the turn out and looks forward to the Health Fair on October 15th to be held at the Center when they will again offer the free flu shots.  
Plaza Pharmacy is a business sponsor of Central Crossing Senior Center and we  very much appreciate all they do for our community.

New Exercise Equipment at Central Crossing Senior Center

Thanks to the help of our wonderful community and organizations, the Central Crossing Senior Center exercise room is the happy home of a recumbent stepper.
This piece of equipment is used for rehabilitation after knee and hip replacements. Many people want to continue working on the same equipment they used during rehab after surgery and now they will be able to do so at the center.
Please join us in thanking the Alliance of Churches, the Thrifty Closet and the Lions Club for their generosity. We appreciate most sincerely the individuals who gave towards this purchase through our fundraisers as well.
Anyone can use this and any of our exercise equipment Monday through Friday from 8 am to 3 pm. For additional information please call 417-858-6952.

Central Crossing Senior Center Holds Ice Cream Social

Saturday, July 6, was the perfect day to have an ice cream social and around 70 people enjoyed Root Beer Floats, Sundaes made to order and Banana Splits. All in attendance had a wonderful time keeping cool and relaxed amid family and friends for fellowship and lively conversation.

June 27, 2019 Car Show Winners

First Place – 1930 Ford Model A

Second Place – 1935 Hupmobile

Third Place – 1967 Pontiac GTO

First Place – Owners Ron & Judy Bass

Second Place – Owners Dennis & Karin Stanley

Third Place – Owners Joe & Mary Richardet

5/21/19 –

4/5/19 –

Service 1 Federal Credit Union– Recognized as a 
Gold Level Business Partner of Central Crossing Senior Center


Merry Smith, Branch Manager of Service 1 Federal Credit Union in Shell Knob was presented a plaque recognizing the Credit Union as a continued Gold level Business Partner of the Central Crossing Senior Center (CCSC), located in Shell Knob.  The plaque recognizes this level of support for the year 2019.  Service 1 Federal Credit Union’s generous level of support will go a long way toward improving the day-to-day management of the CCSC.  Area seniors benefit greatly from the sponsorship afforded by our business partners.  People like Merry, Julie and Abbey at the credit union are all community-minded and on behalf of Shell Knob Seniors, Inc., the Barry and Stone County seniors wish to say, “Thank You!”   Service 1 Federal Credit Union is located on the lower level in the Bridgeview Plaza with entrances at parking lot level as well as the lower level. 


Pictured above, left to right, Gina McIlrath, Shell Knob Seniors, Inc. board member and Merry Smith, Branch Manager, Service 1 Federal Credit Union.

4/5/19 –

Dogwood Trail Garden Club Outreach to Central Crossing Senior Center
The Dogwood Trail Garden Club is noted for reaching out to the community with their skilled master gardeners.  This time, they decorated all the  tables at the Central Crossing Senior Center with Easter themed center pieces for the enjoyment of the entire lunch crowd and all who use the dining rooms for the many events offered at the Center.  These talented individuals give selflessly of their time for this and other occasions and really the entire growing season as they accomplish all the professional-looking landscaping at the Center as well.  A big thank you to the dedicated volunteers of the Dogwood Trail Garden Club!  You really brighten our days!

3/11/19 –

Health and Recreational Activities Abound at Central Crossing Senior Center

Central Crossing Senior Center in Shell Knob is here to offer you a myriad of health and fitness activities and services.  The Senior Center is approximately 14,000 sq ft.  and at times, there seems to be activities everywhere you look.  We are proud to offer the following services to area seniors:

  •  A fantastic, well-balanced and delicious lunch and salad bar
  • A totally renovated fitness center with weights and cardiovascular equipment
  • Line dancing
  • Flexibility & Balance classes
  • Wii Bowling
  • Card Games – Cards Galore, hand and foot, bridge duplicate bridge and pitch
  • Pickle Ball
  • Mah Jongg
  • Wood Carving
  • Quilting 4 Charity
  • Genealogy
  • Bingo
  • Mexican Train Dominoes
  • Foot Care
  • Blood Pressure Checks
  • Hearing Aid Cleaning & Repair
  • Free, Unbiased Medicare Information & Reviews
  • Annual Health Fair
  • Various health care forums throughout the year
  • Computer Classes
  • Alzheimer’s Caregivers Support Group

As you can see, Central Crossing Senior Center offers something for everyone and wellness for both the mind and body!  All activities and most services are free.  In addition, Monday through Friday, the Center offers nutritious and delicious meals complete with an extensive salad bar, all at a very nominal cost.  Located on YY15 in Shell Knob, please call 858-6952; visit us online at: www.shellknobseniorsinc.org;  or come on in for a tour – you’ll be amazed at all that Central Crossing Senior Center has to offer!  And remember, we’re here for YOU!

3/7/19 –

Willis Insurance – Shell Knob Insurance Agency – Recognized as a Silver Level Business Partner of Central Crossing Senior Center
Andy Reavis, co-owner of Willis Insurance, Inc. (which owns Shell Knob Insurance Agency) was presented a plaque recognizing the company as a continued Silver level Business Partner of the Central Crossing Senior Center (CCSC), located in Shell Knob.  The plaque recognizes this level of support for the year 2019.  Willis Insurance Agency’s generous level of support will go a long way toward improving the day-to-day management of the CCSC.  Area seniors benefit greatly from the sponsorship afforded by our business partners.  People like Andy Reavis, co-owners, Annette Henderson and Jeremy Marple are community-minded and on behalf of Shell Knob Seniors, Inc., the Barry and Stone County seniors wish to say, “Thank You!”   Shell Knob Insurance Agency is located in the Bridgeview Plaza next to the library. 
Pictured above, left to right, Sam Herkelman, Chief Operating Officer, Shell Knob Seniors, Inc.;  Jerry Arnold, CEO, Shell Knob Seniors, Inc.; and Andy Reavis, co-owner, Wilis Insurance, Inc.; Willis Insurance, Inc., Shell Knob Insurance Agency.  

3/7/19 –

2/27/19 –

Arvest Bank – Recognized as a Platinum Level Business Partner of Central Crossing Senior Center

Jaylyn Clevenger, Financial Sales Representative, Arvest Bank Shell Knob, was presented a plaque recognizing Arvest Bank as a Platinum level Business Partner of the Central Crossing Senior Center (CCSC), located in Shell Knob.  The plaque recognizes this level of support for 2019, but in reality, Arvest Bank has generously supported the Senior Center for years prior to that and their level of support has gone a long way toward improving the facilities as well as the day-to-day management of the CCSC.  Area seniors have benefited greatly in large part as a result of Arvest Bank’s ongoing, generous support and partnership.   A huge thank you goes out to Arvest Bank for their area support of our Senior Center!

2/22/19 –

Thrifty Closet – Awarded Platinum Level Business Partner with Central Crossing Senior Center 

The Thrifty Closet was recently recognized as a Platinum Level Business Partner with Shell Knob Seniors, Inc.   

Since the inception of the Business Partners Program, Thrifty Closet has been recognized as an integral partner with the Central Crossing Senior Center.  For years now, they have contributed generously to the salad bar at the Center.  If you’ve ever eaten at Central Crossing Senior Center, you’ve undoubtedly noticed it consistently provides one of the finest salad bars in the area.  This salad bar is not funded by Senior Age, but rather depends entirely on the generosity of the individual diners and others such as the Thrifty Closet.  Thrifty Closet is an outreach ministry of the United Methodist Church of Shell Knob.   

The community is indeed blessed by organizations such as the Thrifty Closet and is just one more reason Shell Knob is such a great place to live!

1/31/19 -Shell Knob Seniors, Inc. unveiling new website!

Shell Knob Seniors, Inc. (SKSI) is happy to announce it is unveiling a new, revised and much improved web-page!  On or about February 1st, the SKSI’s totally revised website, www.shellknobseniorsinc.org will be up and running.  The website  replaces the older version and has numerous upgrades.  This new, revised website will be updated regularly and include videos of current activities and programs, current lunch menus, upcoming activities, all news-related articles as well as archives of past articles and activities.  While most people associate SKSI with Central Crossing Senior Center, Mountain View Estates (MVE) is also an integral part of what Shell Knob Seniors, Inc. is about and visitors to the website can find out more about the exciting new MVE senior housing development.  The site is extremely easy to navigate.  So keep watching and be sure to log on and bookmark this web-page as it should be up and running by the time you read this article.  There are a lot of exciting things going on at SKSI and we want to be sure you don’t miss any of them!  Just type in www.shellknobseniorsinc.org; bookmark the page and check it out frequently.  You’ll love it!

L to R: Jan Cox-Drews, Barry County Health Department; Rita Warner, CCSC; Joni Herzog, CCSC; Barbara Bass, CCSC; Judy Sell, CCSC; Kimberly Scritchfield, Barry County Health Department; Terri Johnson, CCSC Administrator
1/23/19 – Central Crossing Senior Center Earns Silver Spoon Award
by Jeff Harp
Central Crossing Senior Center was presented the coveted Silver Spoon Award by the Barry County Health Department for zero health violations in the kitchen and dining facilities for all of 2018!  This is a high honor and is only awarded to permitted food establishments which have demonstrated sustained excellence in public health food safety.  In other words, you can enjoy dining at Central Crossing Senior Center and be assured that you are eating in a safe and healthy environment.    Attaining this award is a team effort by employees and volunteers alike.  It takes training, commitment and attention to detail to attain this degree of recognition.  A big thank you to all involved for your efforts!  You have every right to be proud of your Senior Center’s dining room and kitchen!  We hope to see you for a safe, healthy and delicious lunch real soon!
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